One main benefit of Shelf is that it is content-inclusive. If the content contains important information, chances are that you can add it to Shelf. 

Shelf offers a great content creation flexibility - there is a big variety of article types that you can use to curate knowledge.


This content type is the best choice for the articles in Shelf. 

Best used for: creating different media-rich (images, videos, tables, etc.) articles and text documents, step by step processes.

Decision tree

Allows you to follow the steps and choose options among those offered.

Best used for: complex guides, instructions, and workflows that require step and decision-based approach.


It is short text article.

Best used for: announcements or informative bulletins


Multiple questions with one solution/answer.

Best used for: Short answers to different variations of the same question.


Save information on a particular individual, and can be captured using the Chrome Web Clipper to capture a LinkedIn profile or created within Shelf using the touchpad.

Best used for: creating profiles of subject matter experts, content owners, people directories, etc.


Save information on a particular organization or business, and can be captured using the Chrome Web Clipper or created through the touchpad in Shelf.

Best used for: creating profiles of various businesses and companies that are of interest for your organization.

Used for links saved in Shelf or captured with the Chrome Web Clipper. 

Best used for: save pages that are outside of Shelf and cannot be imported.


In addition to word documents, PowerPoint slides and PDFs will also appear as Text documents when added to Shelf.

When documents are downloaded, they will be in their original form (PPTs will download as PPTs).

Best used for: standard documents that are not constantly updated or changed; slide decks, and PDFs.

Audio, Video & Image

Easily upload audio and video files from various sources.

Adding images can be extremely helpful and save time as a quick reference.

Best used for: tutorials, Training, Reviews, Onboarding.

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