Whether a Gem is a document, image, video, or any other Content Type, Shelf Users can get a preview of the Gem and can see a variety of actions around the piece of content. 

Context Menu

The Context menu (three dots) on the Gem page allows Users to view the location of the content, Favorite the content, and Share the content via email.

Gem Details

The Details section of the Gem page allows Users to:

  • View the Gem in a different language.
  • Assign Ratings to the Gem.
  • View Tags.
  • View Categories.
  • See the source of the Gem.
  • See when the Gem was created
  • See when is the last time the content was changed
  • View Word Count.

Connections vs. Recommendations 

On the right side of the Gem page, Users can also see Connections and Recommendations

Connections are Gems manually added by content managers to link as related content, while Recommendations are automatically generated by Shelf.

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